Small Solaris Server

Install Virtual Box plus Extension Pack

  • Download and install Virtual Box
$ wget
$ tar xvpf VirtualBox-4.1.12-77245-SunOS.tar.gz
$ sudo pkgadd -d ./VirtualBox-4.1.12-SunOS-r77245.pkg
  • Download and install Extension Pack
$ wget
$ sudo VBoxManage extpack install --replace ./Oracle_VM_VirtualBox_Extension_Pack-4.1.12-77245.vbox-extpack

Deploying Mageia 1 as remote VBox guest

Create new VM "Mageia"

$ VBoxManage createvm --name "Mageia" --ostype "Mandriva_64" --register
Virtual machine 'Mageia' is created and registered.
UUID: b79e5f5d-6477-44b9-88ca-62006ae78413
Settings file: '/home/dambi/VirtualBox VMs/Mageia/Mageia.vbox'

Configure "Mageia" VM

  • 4 CPUs
  • 4gb RWM
  • VRDP enabled, running on port 3390
  • one net adapter in bridged mode running over net0 NIC
$ VBoxManage modifyvm "Mageia" --memory 4096 --cpus 4 --nic1 bridged --bridgeadapter1 net0 --vrde on --vrdeport 3390

Create and attach SATA disk to VM

$ VBoxManage createhd --filename /data/smb/vb/Mageia-100g.vdi --size 100000
Disk image created. UUID: 959b2961-3684-4a1e-a149-e3de9c964271
$ VBoxManage storagectl "Mageia" --name "SATA controller" --add sata
$ VBoxManage storageattach "Mageia" --storagectl "SATA controller" --port 0 --type hdd --medium /data/smb/vb/Mageia-100g.vdi

Create and attach DVD drive to VM

$ VBoxManage storagectl "Mageia" --name "IDE controller" --add ide
$ VBoxManage storageattach "Mageia" --storagectl "IDE controller" --port 0 --device 0 --type dvddrive --medium /data/iso/mageia-dvd-1-x86_64.iso

Start and install VM

$ nohup VBoxHeadless -s Mageia &

Add "shared folder" to VM

  • from Solaris host (guest must be stopped)
$ VBoxManage sharedfolder add Mageia --name projects --hostpath /data/smb/users/dambi/projects/
  • mounting shared folder in Linux guest
$ sudo mount -t vboxsf projects /home/dambi/projects
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