Ubuntu tips

20.04 post-install steps

  • install VBox guest additions
# apt install gcc make perl
# /media/hanys/VBox_GAs_6.1.18/VBoxLinuxAdditions.run
# reboot
  • install and configure additional software
# apt install net-tools openssh-server vim tmux mc autofs
# vim /etc/idmapd.conf          Configure nfs4 domain
# vim /etc/auto.master          Uncomment /net/ line
# service autofs restart
  • create dxxx user account (plus related groups) and set up the account
# groupadd -g 501 dxx
# groupadd -g 508 gr_share
# useradd -c "J..." -g dxxx -G adm,cdrom,dialout,sudo,dip,plugdev,lpadmin,lxd,sambashare,vboxsf,gr_share \
  -m -s /bin/bash -u 501 dxxx
# passwd dxxx
  • copy dxxx's config from the server
$ scp -r .ssh <vb-ubuntu>:~/
$ scp -r .tmux <vb-ubuntu>:~/
$ scp .tmux.conf .bash_aliases <vb-ubuntu>:~/
  • configure dxxx's account
$ cd ~
$ mv Documents/ Documents.local
$ ln -s /net/
$ ln -s /net/

Allow users with UID < 1000 appear on login screen

By default users with UID lesser than 1000 do not appear on graphical login screen. That can be changed in /etc/login.defs file by customizing UID_MIN, GID_MIN settings.

Note: Does not seem to work on 18.04.

Enable auto login for user with UID < 1000 on 18.04

$ sudo vim /etc/gdm3/custom.conf
# Enabling automatic login

Convert JPG to PDF

$ img2pdf image.jpg > image.pdf

Resize JPG

in nautilus

Install necessary packages and restart nautilus…

$ sudo apt install imagemagick
$ sudo apt install nautilus-image-converter
$ nautilus -q

Resize image via right mouse click…


$ man mogrify
$ man convert
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